Counselling Formats

Counselling allows clients to discuss their issues that they may be facing in a non-judgemental and confidential environment. In general, a client will seek counselling if they want to change something in their lives. Clients may also seek counselling if they need someone to talk to who is impartial. A counsellor is not there to sit you down and tell you what to do. A counsellor will encourage you to talk about what it is that you want to change in your life that is causing you concern in order to discover any root causes and identify your way of thinking.

Depending on which counselling type you choose and the issue that you’re suffering, the counsellor will help support you to find a solution to your difficulty/issue or the counsellor will help you find ways of coping with it. Counselling is generally tailored to the individual but there is flexibility with regards to how a client can receive counselling.

The Different Counselling Formats are;

The client can choose to have counselling on a one to one basis that is face to face. You will have an appointment with your counsellor at a set location and meet them to discuss your issue.

Group counselling is also an option. This allows the client to join people who may have similar issues and to experience a possible support network. This is obviously not the most private form of counselling and is consequently not the most popular format.

Clients can choose to have telephone counselling. This is usually chosen by clients who are too busy to attend appointments at a set location because of work or childcare commitments. This allows the client to have counselling at home, during their lunch break or even in their car.

The newest format of counselling is online. Clients that are scared of meeting with a counsellor face to face and discussing their difficulties may choose this option. This allows the client to write down their issues rather than voicing them. This is great as you tend to think more about what you are going to write then when you voice your issue. You can remain anonymous which is a great benefit to many clients that may be in the public eye or have high profile jobs.

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