Vaiva Jakimaviciene

Vaiva is a fully qualified and nationally accredited clinical hypnotist and NLP coach, specialising in sports performance, anxiety, confidence and motivation.

You probably already know that Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to bring change and that it utilises hypnosis as a therapeutic technique to achieve a focused awareness or positive approach to create room for self-improvement by removing unwanted behaviours, thoughts, perceptions, and feelings, and building the new positive ones instead, so double the return!

By using a mixture of hypnosis, mindfulness, cognitive behavioural and thought re-patterning techniques (NLP) Vaiva aims to enable you to have a resolution to your issue in the shortest time possible based on your personal unique circumstances.

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Vaiva Can Help With;

  • Anxiety
  • Confidence
  • Motivation
  • Sports performance
  • Fears
  • Phobias
  • Addictions
  • Habits
  • Weight Management

My sessions involve a few thought-re-patterning, limiting beliefs challenging techniques as well as me guiding you into a wonderful state of a very relaxing and positive change bringing hypnotic rest. Many of my clients say ‘WOW’ after trying hypnosis and want to come back for more!

Just imagine what it would be like if only 2-3 hypnotherapy sessions will bring you the change that you are currently looking for, in the long run saving you both time and money, and helping you to see a noticeable change, feel better and be in tune with yourself.

If you are interested in booking a clinical hypnotherapy session or would like a confidential discussion about how I may be able to help your issue, please feel free to fill in the contact form or visit my website.

I look forward to hearing from you because working together we can find a solution to your issue far quicker than you might imagine now.

Difficulties Vaiva Can Help You With:

  • Weight Management & Various Eating Issues – Binge Eating, Emotional Eating, Sugar/Chocolate Addiction, Fussy Eating
  • Habits & Addictions – Quit Smoking, Vaping, Binge Drinking, Cannabis/Cocaine Abuse, Nail Biting, Hair Pulling, Excessive Shopping, Internet Addiction
  • Stress & Anxiety – Public Speaking, Stage Performance, Social Anxiety, Blushing
  • Fears & Phobias – Fear of Dentists, Emetophobia, Fear of Needles, Fear of Blood, Fear of Dogs, Fear of Flying, Fear of Heights, Fear of Elevators, Fear of Spiders, Fear of Driving, Social Phobia, Fear of Exams
  • Insomnia, Sleep Apnea, Sleep Disturbance
  • Confidence Building – Fear of Failure, Personal Development, Motivation & Positive Thinking, Increase Sense of Well-being
  • Support and Relief Alongside Your Regular Treatments for Pain, IBS and Other Medical Conditions
  • Fitness Motivation & Sports Performance

Vaiva’s Accreditations:

Member The National Hypnotherapy Society (MHS)

Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists Accredited Practitioner (CRSST-reg)

Mrs RS

“I used to drive as a confident driver, but then 5 years ago I developed what I can only describe as a “phobia .” I visited Vaiva at her Cheltenham practice and having had 2 sessions with her I have started driving again. I am so relieved and happy. I would like to thank her so very much for this, and urge anyone with a phobia of any kind to get in touch with her and make an APPOINTMENT!” – With thanks


“I was a little sceptical about using hypnosis but Vaiva is very reassuring and clearly is very competent. I noticed a difference from the first week and as well as helping me with my main issue, it also helped me to relax more and feel more confident. I would definitely recommend Vaiva as a hypnotist.” 


Hypnotherapy Session      £70

Smoking Cessation          £175