Cathy Harris

Cathy is a Human Givens therapist, accredited by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care, and an Executive Coach on the Henley Register. She holds an MSc in Mental Health and Psychological Therapies. Much of Cathy’s career has been spent in the corporate world and she specialises in workplace wellbeing. Cathy has treated many people experiencing stress, anxiety, or panic episodes at work, for whom she offers individualised
coach-counselling sessions. As part of her philosophy, she aims to work with people in as few sessions as possible.

Both in private practice and in online sessions, Cathy aims to create a safe, comfortable, and confidential space within which clients are first, able to explore what may be triggering painful thoughts, feelings, or unhelpful habits and then to craft a path towards recovery. Whilst it’s important to understand how the past informs one’s present experience, people are encouraged to look forward at the small, positive steps they can engage with - straight away - to help them to
regain and sustain emotional health into the future.

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Cathy Can Help With;

  • Trauma
  • Stress
  • Work-related difficulties
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Panic

Human Givens therapy is based on a holistic, scientific model of human well-being, which draws on a range of proven therapeutic methods (including cognitive, behavioural, interpersonal therapies and hypnotherapy). This includes a safe, non-intrusive approach to processing traumatic events and phobias.

Cathy’s coaching practice is solidly underpinned by scientific, psychological, and behavioural models which help to explain how the challenges of the workplace - and modern life - can take a toll on personal morale, motivation, and capability. She has a keen interest in the links between psychological health and personal effectiveness and has undertaken research into how Self- Compassion practices can help people to become more resilient.

Her coaching philosophy is strengths-based, focusing on the ways in which everyone can harness their skills and personal resources in pursuit of goals which are positive, achievable, and aligned with personal needs and core values.


Session £75 per hour

£90 per 1.5 hours

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