Psychotherapists In Cheltenham

psychotherapist cheltenham

Huw Richards


Huw is a counsellor, psychotherapist and UKCP approved supervisor with over 33 years experience within the broader clinical and academic sector of mental health care

Human Givens Therapist Cathy Harris

Cathy Harris

Human Givens Therapist

Cathy is a Human Givens therapist, accredited by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care, and an Executive Coach on the Henley Register.

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The Regency Practice is a beautiful clinic in Cheltenham and features some of the best psychotherapists in Cheltenham.

Psychotherapy has always been the first choice talking therapy treatment. We have psychotherapists that are trained and registered with the relevant authoritative bodies. If you would like psychotherapy in Cheltenham, please take a look at the psychotherapists practising at The Regency Practice and choose the right therapist for you. We welcome you to come and experience psychotherapy in beautiful, relaxing and heartwarming rooms and meet the understanding experts.

Please note: All therapists are self-employed and availability will depend on each individual.